Tuesday, March 10, 2009

C Campaign

c campaign

What is the “c campaign?”

In South Korea, ssangapul surgery, or double eyelid surgery, is a part of the culture.
There is a large interest in the desire to look western.
This interest has made South Korea known as the mecca of ssangapul surgery.
Statistically, on average of 70% of young Korean women in Korea have done
ssangapul surgeries. 60% of those women have done undergone surgery when
they were teenagers.

c campaign is working towards changing the mind set that beauty only comes in
one ideal form. We are working to encourage Korean women that they are
beautiful, just as they are.

c is the solution to a culture’s imperfection.
c the possibility of change in the Korean culture.
c that Korean women are unique and beautiful.
c confidence build in these women.
c change.

Be a part. c the change.

We Want You To Know!

So, where are we going with this topic?

Up until now, we have only talked about what ssangapul surgery is and the general sterotypes of the Korean society.

We want to get more specific and slowly start to introduce our project (the C campaign).

Within these past couple of years, the popularity of ssangapul surgery has gone up.
If you are a Korean, you can understand this reality. You may know someone, or know someone who knows someone else, who has had ssangapul surgery.
To our conclusion, we believe that this is because of the Korean society's obsession with celebrities.

Not only Korean celebrities, but also American celebrities.
The whole "western" beauty is perceived to be the ideal beauty in Korean society.
Yea, this seems shallow and makes the Korean society look bad, but it's the truth.
We are not saying that this is negative, we are simply to create an awareness about this.

Our solution?
C campaign

Monday, March 9, 2009

Notice anything?

Stereotypically, Koreans are known for their 
  • spicy food, such as Kimchi
  • intelligence ( getting straight A's all the time)
  • strict parents
  • intense addiction to Korean dramas
  • ideal Asian straight hair
But, one stereotype that is usually taboo to talk about is the Korean society's addiction to ssangapul surgery.

Many non-Koreans may not be able to easily notice the difference, but just imagine a non-Korean without a ssangapul.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Welcome to our blog: Ssangapul! So, you ask, who are we?
We are a group of Parsons students conducting a study for Laboratory class.

For our project, we are trying to create an awareness about a specific reality in our reality.
We are hoping to create an awareness about Ssangapul surgery in Korean society.
For those who don't know what Ssangapul surgery is, it is a form of plastic surgery.

Ssangapul: n. an upper eyelid with a crease (i.e. "double eyelid")

Ssangapul surgery, or Epicanthoplasty: a procedure in which the skin around the eye is removed and the eyelid reshaped. It is also known as a double-eyelid surgery because the purpose of the procedure is to create a crease on the upper eyelid.
(If it's still not unclear what a ssanggapul is, please refer to the picture above.)

Do you have a ssangapul (double eyelid)?

Did you have ssangapul surgery?

Are you thinking of getting it done?

Have you ever tried ssangapul tape?

If you had the surgery, would you tell people you had it?

Do you know anyone who has had the surgery?

What do you think about the surgery?

Would you mind if your future spouse has had the surgery?

Do you think that someone with a ssangapul is more beautiful than someone who doesn't?

Are you Korean?